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Volovany (baskets) of puff pastry. The recipe with the photo.

Puff pastry (baskets)

Volovany is a savory snack of French origin. The baking itself is made from puff pastry in the form of a turret, and the filling is a meat, fish or mushroom stew. You can basically not bother and buy wafer baskets in the store, but it's not so romantic. Therefore, the actual recipe itself.

You will need:

  • Puff pastry;
  • Frozen cheese;
  • Red fish (trout or salmon);
  • A bit of greenery.


The ready-made puff pastry is sold frozen, so it should be brought to a more or less "room state". Usually the test manufacturer advises to hold his hour at room temperature.

Puff pastry (baskets)

Spread the dough on a lightly sprinkled surface and then squeeze the circles out of it. For this you can use the form, but it is possible and in the old fashion - to use a glass. As a result, you will get several circles of the same diameter. By the way, you need to make an even number of rounds.

Next, take a glass or a little bit of a smaller diameter and patch half the rounds again. As a result, we will get a kind of "bagels."

Puff pastry (baskets)

Проколите все кругляшки зубочисткой (или вилкой для скорости) и смажьте взбитым яйцом (можете его немного подсолить). Яйцо склеит тесто и не позволит ему развалиться, а проколы позволят тесту подняться в дальнейшем. Положите “бублики” поверх целых кругляшков, чтобы получилось нечто наподобие колодцев.

Puff pastry (baskets)

Lay the well on the baking tray and put it on the preheated oven for 220 ° C for 8-10. Finished baskets have a slightly yellowish color.

Puff pastry (baskets)


For the filling, in principle, you can take anything. In our recipe, we will use red fish, curd cheese and greens.

Puff pastry (baskets)

Then fill the layered "wells" with cheese and put a piece of fish on top (in our example it was trout, although the salmon is still better in our opinion), decorate with greens. Instead of fish, you can take caviar or, in principle, move away from fish subjects in general.

Puff pastry (baskets)


The appetizer for the buffet table turned out to be excellent. Even inexpensive puff pastry did not spoil the taste. By the way, as an option, you can serve empty wells and a set of various fillings.

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