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How to make an egg with a surprise

Egg with a surprise

We all know what is a kinder-surprise (a sweet treat for children with a toy inside). And what is the most interesting thing about the idea of ​​such a chocolate egg? Of course those trembling feelings that you are experiencing when opening such an egg. So we propose to take this idea into service and make some such funny eggs with gifts or wishes. They will be excellent mini-presentations for any holiday.

You will need:

  • eggs;
  • food coloring;
  • packing for mini-cakes (or such paper plates from Raffaello sweets);
  • glue gun and glue to it (you can use the usual super-glue);
  • small gifts or sweets that will fit in the egg.

Egg with a surprise


1. Gently break the bottom of the egg along a small circle and remove (drain) the protein and yolk. Then rinse the shell under running water and sanitize. To do this, put the shell in a pot of water, put on a fire and bring to a boil. Let the shell leave the 10 minutes on low heat. Then remove it and allow it to dry.

2. Use the food coloring and color the shell (unless of course you want). Additionally, you can apply some drawing with a marker or a brush. Be careful - the shell is fragile enough.

3. Place in the shell gifts or sweets. Please note, if your mini-gift has top and bottom, then the bottom should be in the area of ​​the hole made.

Egg with a surprise

4. Use a glue gun (or super glue) and glue the shell with a gift to the packing plates for mini-cakes. Allow the glue to dry. Be careful not to apply glue too much, otherwise spoil the general appearance of your testicle with a surprise.

Egg with a surprise

5. Present such eggs with surprises to all your close friends and watch their delight when they open the egg to get to their gift.

Egg with a surprise

Egg with a surprise

Pleasant needlework and good mood!

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Many thanks for the advice, it turned out)

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Tell me please, but how best to carefully remove the bottom of the egg? And then I try to knock so too little, then a lot. Kitchen floor in eggs)

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