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Speech delay. When to start worrying?

Speech delay. When to start worrying?

The view of neuropsychologists is this: "If the child has not started talking before 2, this is cause for concern!"

So, what you need to pay attention to:

  • does the kid understand the spoken speech?
  • Does your speech replace gestures?
  • to strive for communication?
  • can I perform a task on oral instructions (for example, "go into the room, take a toy and bring it to my mother")?
  • Does it respond to its name?

If you answered "Yes" to all the questions, if you are sure of the safety of other functional systems (hearing, sight), we can assume that the child has a tempo delay in expressive speech.

Physiological causes of Temporal Speech Delay:

  • Perinatal brain damage (intrauterine hypoxia, asphyxia in labor, birth trauma, prematurity);
  • Violation of the blood supply to the brain, the work of blood vessels;
  • Cervical injury;
  • Immaturity of the motor parts of the brain;
  • Inadequate innervation of the muscles of the articulatory apparatus. (hypo / hyper tone of the zygomatic, buccal muscles and tongue).

Psychological causes of Temporal Speech Delay:

  • Increased anxiety;
  • Lack of a developing language environment;
  • With the child they do not talk much, the family is terse;
  • The child does not see the articulation of an adult;
  • Speech sounds like background, for example, when the TV is constantly on, in which case speech is perceived by the stream and is not filled with meaning;
  • Absence of internal motivation to speech, for example, with hyperopic, with increased attention to the baby;
  • Excessive demands on the child, persistent requests to repeat the word, speech negativism is formed.

If the child does not react to the treatment of the mother in 4 month, she does not smile at her, if in 9 months he does not have a babble, if in 1,5 the child does not say simple words, it is worth paying special attention to this and contacting a specialist! The speech therapist will help to analyze the causes and extent of their influence on speech development.

Существуют функции, которые, развиваясь, запускают на определённых возрастных этапах развитие других функций. Например, развитие тактильных ощущений ведёт за собой развитие зрительного восприятия. Так же и с речью!

The most favorable period for the development of speech is the period from 0 to 3 years: the development of sensorimotor functions of the brain will lead to the process of speech in humans. Therefore, it is very important not to miss the time and, with the first suspicions of a tempo delay in speech, turn to specialists.

Speech delay. When to start worrying?

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